Omnichannel Shopping In 2030

Four McKinsey leaders envision the future of retail.

The seemingly unstoppable rise of e-commerce, sophisticated customer analytics, personalized sounds and smells, digital mannequins that “know” your clothing preferences, automated home delivery—these are just some of the elements that will shape the shopping experience in the coming years. Listen as four McKinsey leaders share their perspectives on the future of retail.

There are companies out there that are personalizing the sounds you hear in the store and the scents that you smell. They’re personalizing what the associates know about you to help you find the right product more quickly. You’re going to see digital mannequins that quickly change what they’re wearing based on who you are and what you might be holding in your hand. 

In certain countries—say, a few countries in Europe—almost one-fourth of consumers would basically change stores if they didn’t think that the products they have in front of them were sustainable. The preoccupation with and focus on hygiene, organic products, and sustainability are much more important than before. 

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